About Us

The Sanofi Pasteur VaxDesign Campus designs, develops, and manufactures in vitro models of the human immune system. Our mission is to prevent infectious disease by forecasting vaccine responses before clinical trials, and create a competitive advantage by providing predictive in vitro immunological models and assays.

Our Core Technology

Our Modular IMmune In vitro Construct (MIMIC®) technology melds immunology with engineering to find elegant solutions to complex biological problems. MIMIC® models can predict the immune response of an individual or selected group to a drug candidate or vaccine candidate. We believe that these MIMIC® predictions can provide clinically relevant information much earlier in the development process, enabling more efficient and effective clinical development decisions. The result to our customers will be better drugs and vaccines, developed faster and at a lower cost than is possible today.


VaxDesign became a wholly owned subsidiary of sanofi pasteur in 2010. The MIMIC® System was primarily developed from about 2004 through early 2009 under a $40 million contract for the Rapid Vaccine Assessment Program with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In 2006, we began to reach out to commercial customers and collaborators, as well as non-profit organizations.